About Us

Who we are

Who we are

The company prioritizes quality in its food production process, starting from grain selection and storage to sorting, sifting, sizing, polishing, and packaging. The company produces over 7 food brands in Egypt, catering to different price points to meet customer needs.

  • The company focused on the quality of its products on multiple production stages, starting from the selection and selection of grains from farms and how to store them until entering the factories to include sorting and sifting. And sizing, polishing, then packaging, and for the company to become a producer of more than 7 trademarks in the field of food in Egypt, simulating all price categories in order to ensure that we
  • Satisfy all customers at all levels

The company's factories consist of the following:

• Factories for purification, screening and packaging.

• Factory to manufacture PET Bottles. • Vinegar factory.

Our Vision

To be the first choice of consumers among food companies every time and everywhere.

Our Mission

Developing service of providing food products to the consumer with the highest quality standards with continuity, flexibility, innovation and adding values that meet the needs and desires of the consumer.

Company policies

Privacy policy and information confidentiality

The company is committed to protecting the sensitive information it possesses to ensure the building of a good legal relationship between both the company and its employees or current clients.

Environment and public health policy

Compliance with all laws and legislations related to quality, environment, occupational safety and health, limiting environmental pollution inside and outside the company, and commitment to applying methods and strategies to reduce and prevent risks to the environment and public health.

Policy for dealing with workers

Belief in the importance of the human resources that the company possesses with competencies and experiences, interest in their training and continuous awareness for them, in addition to creating a climate through which the employees of the company participate in the commitment to achieving its policy, and encouraging the employees to obtain the highest positions and leaderships according to their qualifications and they are given equality in Obtaining employment, training, promotions and other benefits through the competent departments. Thus, all workers have the same rights and have the same duties. No kind of unfair discrimination takes place, and the criterion for distinction is merit.

Quality Policy

Haboba Family management is committed to all international standards and norms through which it achieves the highest levels of quality in all its fields, which ultimately leads us to reach the full satisfaction of customers.

Our Values


We adopt honesty, clarity and justice in all our work. To become the safe and first choice for the customer.


We perform our work with flexibility and high efficiency, and the ability to make quick decisions and implement them accurately


We are proud of anything that bears our name, and we take full responsibility for it. We are Habouba Family


Haboba Family produces all its products in its factories only, without the help of anyone to ensure the quality and safety of the product


The company always balances between two matters, namely the private interest and the public interest, so that none of them conflict with the other


We are one team that has the ability to achieve, nothing stands between us and our goals, and the company is characterized by the presence of team spirit in all its departments.

Quality Standards

Company has been awarded the ISO 22000 certification, which complies with the implementation of food quality and safety standards that developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Quality Certificates